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TED简介我们都想使用我们的天赋来创造我们生命中有意义的事。但如何开始?(如果你是个害羞的人,又该怎么办?)作家 Kare Anderson,分享了她自己长期害羞的故事,以及她如何通过帮助他人应用他们的才能及热情,而打开了她的世界。

演讲者Kare Anderson



I grew up diagnosed as phobically shy, and like at least 20 other people in a room of this size, I was a stutterer. Do you dare raise your hand? And it sticks with us. It really does stick with us, because when we are treated that way,we feel invisible sometimes, or talked around and at.


And as I started to look at people, which is mostly all I did, I noticed that some people really wanted attention and recognition. Remember, I was young then. So what did they do? What we still do perhaps too often?

后来我仔细去观察周遭的人,一直以来我都只敢默默观察,然后发现有些人无法忍受被忽视,他们要得到大家的注意力和认同。当时我年轻、懵懂,渴望注意力的人会做什么? 也许现在太多人在做一样的事而不自知。

We talk about ourselves. And yet there are other people I observed who had what I called a mutuality mindset. In each situation, they found a way to talk about us and create that “us” idea.


So my idea to reimagine the world is to see it one where we all become greater opportunity-makers with and for others. There’s no greater opportunity or call for action for us now than to become opportunity-makers who use best talents together more often for the greater good and accomplish things we couldn’t have done on our own.

在我心目中的理想世界,每个人都能为自己和别人创造机会,就是现在,我们必须把握良机、采取行动多去整合各种才能,尽可能的利益他人。一人做不到的 多人或许有办法。

And I want to talk to you about that, cause even more than giving, even more than giving, is the capacity for us to do something smarter together for the greater good that lifts us both up and that can scale.That’s why I’m sitting here.


But I also want to point something else out. Each one of you is better than anybody else at something. That disproves that popular notion that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.


So let me tell you about a Hollywood party I went to a couple years back, and I met this up-and-coming actress, and we were soon talking about something that we both felt passionately about, public art.


And she had the fervent belief that every new building in Los Angeles should have public art in it. She wanted a regulation for it, and she fervently started, What is here from Chicago? She fervently started talking about these bean-shaped reflective sculptures in Millennium Park, and people would walk up to it and they’d smile in the reflection of it, and they’d pose and they’d vamp and they’d take selfies together and they’d laugh.

她坚信洛杉矶的每栋建筑里都应该有公共艺术。她想要一套专属公共艺术的规范,所以她兴忡忡的着手进行。这里有谁是芝加哥人吗? 她滔滔不绝的说着千禧公园里的云门雕塑,人们好奇的上前一探究竟。看着自己的映像微笑,摆pose、赞叹、自拍留念,然后笑成一团。

And as she was talking, a thought came to my mind. I said, “I know someone you ought to meet. He’s getting out of San Quentin in a couple of weeks and he shares your fervent desire that art should engage and enable people to  connect.”

听着听着 我突然灵光乍现,我告诉她: “妳应该见见这个人,再几周他就要从圣昆丁州立监狱出来了。他跟妳一样 觉得艺术应该让人有共鸣、激发想像力”

He spent five years in solitary,and I met him because I gave a speech at San Quentin, and he’s articulate and he’s rather easy on the eyes because he’s buff. He had workout regime he did everyday.


I think she was following me at that point.I said, “he’d be an unexpected ally.” And not just that. There’s James. He’s an architect and he’s a professor, and he loves place-making, and place-making is when you have those mini-plazas and those urban walkways and where they’re dotted with art, where people draw and come up and talk sometimes.

女演员大概还满有兴趣的。我又说: “他会是个得力助手”除了他之外,我把詹姆也拉进来,詹姆是建筑师,也是个教授,他对地方营造很有兴趣。外头的小广场、城市人行道,任何有艺术点缀的地方,都属于地方营造的范畴,许多人会在那儿画画、闲聊。

I think they’d make good allies. And indeed they were. They met together. They prepared. They spoke in front of the Lost Angeles City Council. And the council members not only passed the regulation, half of them came down and asked to pose with them afterwards.


They were startling, compelling and credible. You can’t buy that. What I’m asking you to consider is what kind of opportunity-makers we might become, because more than wealth or fancy titles or a lot of contacts, it’s our capacity to connect around each other’s better side and bring it out.


And I’m not saying this is easy, and I’m sure many of you have made the wrong moves too about who you wanted to connect with, but what I want to suggest is, this is an opportunity. I started thinking about it way back when I was a Wall Street Journal reporter and I was in Europe and I was supposed to cover trends and trends that transcended business or politics or lifestyle.


So I had to have contacts in different worlds very different than mine, because otherwise you couldn’t spot the trends. And third, I had to write a story in a way stepping into the reader’s shoes, they could see how these trends could affect their lives. That’s what opportunity-makers do.


And here’s a strange thing: Unlike an increasing number of Americans who are working and living and playing with people who think exactly like them because we then become more rigid and extreme, opportunity-makers are actively seeking situations with people unlike them, and they’re building relationships, and because they do that,they have trusted relationships where they can bring the right team in and recruit them to solve a problem better and faster and seize more opportunities.

奇怪之处在于,越来越多人工作、生活、娱乐都喜欢寻找与自己相似的人。久而久之就变得挑剔、极端起来。机会制造者寻找与自己不相似的人,和他们建立关系,这样做的话,两方之间就有互信,能在适当的时机介绍彼此适当的人。用更快、更好的方法解决问题 同时也抓住了更多机会。

They’re not affronted by differences. They’re fascinated by them,and that is a huge shift in mindset, and once you feel it, you want it to happen a lot more. This world is calling out for us to have a collective mindset, and I believe in doing that. It’s especially important now. Why is it important now? 


Because things can be devised like drones and drugs and data collection, and they can be devised by more people. and cheaper ways for beneficial purposes and then, as we know from the news every day, they can be used for dangerous ones. It calls on us, each of us, to a higher calling.

为什么呢? 机器小帮手、药物开发、数据收集都可以让更多人参与其中。用更经济的方式创造收益,只是水能载舟、亦能覆舟,也可能被有心人士利用,这个理念非常需要大家的重视。

But here’s the icing on the cake: It’s not just the first opportunity that you do with somebody else that’s probably your greatest, as an institution or an individual. It’s after you’ve had that experience and you trust each other. It’s the unexpected things that you devise later on you never could have predicted.


For example, Marty is the husband of that actress I mentioned, and he watched them when they were practicing, and he was soon talking to Wally, my friend the ex-con, about that exercise regime. And he thought, I have a set of racquetball courts. That guy could teach it. A lot of people who work there are members at my courts.They’re frequent travelers. They could practice in their hotel room, no equipment provided.

麦迪是那位女演员的丈夫詹姆等三人排练时,他就在旁边看,并很快和韦利聊开了,就是刚出狱的那位大概在聊健身吧?麦迪心想: “我有个壁球馆,韦利可以来当教练,很多教练都是体育馆的会员,他们很常来我这边旅馆房间里没有设备也照样能练习”

That’s how Wally got hired.Not only that, years later he was also teaching racquetball.Years after that, he was teaching the racquetball teachers.What I’m suggesting is, when you connect with people around a shared interest and action, you’re accustomed to serendipitous things happening into the future,and I think that’s what we’re looking at.

韦利就这样得到了板球教练的工作,几年后他也开始教壁球学生,再过了几年则是教壁球老师。我想说的是 当你把周遭有相同兴趣、喜好的人圈在一块,就会逐渐适应随之而来、意想不到的收获我想这才是至关重要。

We open ourselves up to those opportunities,and in this room are key players and technology,key players who are uniquely positioned to do this,to scale systems and projects together.

面对机会 我们敞开心胸,关键推手-这里的你们 再加上科技,每个人各司其职 有自己的位置、提升制度和计划的整体价值。

So here’s what I’m calling for you to do. Remember the three traits of opportunity-makers.Opportunity-makers keep honing their top strength and they become pattern seekers.They get involved in different worlds than their worlds so they’re trusted and they can see those patterns, and they communicate to connect around sweet spots of shared interest.

我想拜讬大家的就是记得机会制造者的三项特质:一、机会制造者不断磨练自己专长开拓事物运作的新方式;二、他们乐于接触不同人的世界,获取信任 学习各种合作方式;三、他们周旋于各方之间 让参与的人都分一杯羹。

So what I’m asking you is, the world is hungry. I truly believe, in my firsthand experience, the world is hungry for us to unite together as opportunity-makers and to emulate those behaviors as so many of you already do, I know that firsthand, and to reimagine a world where we use our best talents together more often to accomplish greater thing together than we could on our own.


Just remember,as Dave Liniger once said,“You can’t succeed coming to the potluck with only a fork.”

请把这句话放在心上,大卫˙林杰说过“只带一只叉子就来百乐餐的人,永远无法成功”(注: 后衍伸为商业成长需要集体合作、贡献)

Thank you very much.


Thank you.




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