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FT每日英语 2018-06-13


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Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics, which is best known as a key supplier for the Apple iPhone, is making a push into industrial technology — such as automating other manufacturers’ processes — as the global smartphone market slows.

随着全球智能手机市场放缓,全球最大的电子产品代工制造商富士康(Foxconn)正在进军工业技术,例如自动化其他制造商的流程。富士康以苹果(Apple) iPhone的主要供应商而闻名。

make a push 奋发;推动,推进

例句:Industrial models in factories are now standard, but recently Japanese companies are making a push to inject robots into everyday life. 应用于工厂的工业机器人目前已经非常规范,而最近日本公司正在推进机器人在日常生活中的使用。

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Speaking on Wednesday at a celebration to mark the Taiwanese company’s 30th anniversary of doing business in China, founder and chairman Terry Gou said: “We are an incredibly large, traditional technology manufacturing business. Now we need to use the power of AI . . . Foxconn will push smart manufacturing with all our strength.”

富士康创始人和董事长郭台铭(Terry Gou)周三在纪念这家台资公司在中国大陆经营30周年的活动上表示:“而立之年的富士康,将全力推动智能制造,尽力成为中国先进实体经济中推动互联网、大数据和人工智能的领头羊。”

anniversary [ænɪ'vɜːs(ə)rɪ] n. 周年纪念 adj. 周年的

例句:Secretary Gates said he expects the current approach to be validated by a U. S. government review set for December, its first anniversary. 国防部长盖茨说,他预计现行的办法将通过美国政府定于12月进行的第一次周年审查。

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Foxconn, also called Hon Hai Precision Industry, is best known for producing the majority of Apple’s iPhones. But it is trying to diversify from its traditional smartphone business and reduce its reliance on Apple. Last year, global smartphone sales fell and its profits took a hit from delays in the manufacturing of the iPhone X.

富士康又名鸿海精密(Hon Hai Precision Industry),以生产大部分苹果iPhone而闻名。但它正试图实现传统智能手机业务以外的多元化发展,降低对苹果的依赖。去年,全球智能手机销量下降,富士康的利润因iPhone X的制造延迟而受到打击

Over the past two years, Foxconn has started producing everything from Sharp’s LCD screens, after acquiring the Japanese electronics group for $3.5bn, to internet-connected dockless bicycles for Mobike, and even semiconductors, launching a failed $19.5bn bid for Toshiba’s memory chip business.


take a hit 遭受打击;受到影响

例句:"We are only able to transfer a portion of our cost increases to our end customers, so we do take a hit on our margin, " he said. 他说,“我们只能将一部分的增加成本转嫁给我们的终端客户,因此,我们的利润确实受到了影响。”

dockless [dɒkləs] adj. 无桩的

例句:In many other large Chinese cities, though, it’s not the sturdy, official public hire bikes that stand out. It’s the rash of brightly coloured “dockless” share bikes, haphazardly piled on the pavements in their thousands. 在很多其他的大型中国城市里,引人注目的并非那些固定的政府公共自行车,而是无桩的颜色鲜艳的共享单车,大量随意的停放在人行道上。

memory chip 内存芯片;存储器片

例句:The decisions came as the two companies reported their fifth consecutive quarterly net losses after a continued slide in memory chip prices. 在做出上述决定之际,由于存储芯片价格持续下滑,两家公司已连续第五个季度出现净亏损。

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Wednesday’s event focused on the company’s Foxconn Industrial Internet subsidiary. The unit, which provides industrial robots and cloud computing services to businesses, is hoping to launch the biggest IPO in mainland China for three years, aiming to raise roughly Rmb27bn ($4.2bn) in Shanghai.

本周三的活动聚焦于富士康旗下子公司——富士康工业互联网(Foxconn Industrial Internet,简称工业富联)。工业富联为企业提供工业机器人和云计算服务,它刚刚在中国大陆进行了3年来最大规模的首次公开发行(IPO),筹集约270亿人民币(合42亿美元)资金。

subsidiary [səb'sɪdɪərɪ] adj. 附属的;辅助的 n. 子公司

例句:The move would complete a rapid journey for the company, which less than a year ago was a subsidiary of Ebay. 此举将完成该公司的快速成长历程,不到一年前,它还是Ebay的一家子公司。

IPO  上市,首次公开募股/发行(Initial Public Offering)

例句:The only thing on which companies and investors seem able to agree about initial public offerings is not to trust investment banks. 说到首次公开发行,上市公司和投资者能够想到一处的,似乎只有“不要相信投资银行”。

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FII generated $56bn in revenues last year, compared with $48bn at US internet hardware producer Cisco. Market research firm IDC expects Chinese manufacturers’ spending on “internet of things” products, such as sensors and robots, to reach $128bn by 2020, growing at an average rate of 14.7 per cent a year from 2016 to 2020.


“PC growth has been negative and smartphone growth has slowed down. So companies are focused on other growth sectors, like servers, automotives and industrial technologies,” said Dan Wang, tech analyst at consultancy Gavekal Dragonomics in Hong Kong.

咨询公司龙洲经讯(Gavekal Dragonomics)的科技业分析师Dan Wang表示:“个人电脑业务近年负增长,智能手机增长放缓。所以企业聚焦于其他增长领域,如服务器、汽车和工业技术。”

automotive [,ɔːtə'məʊtɪv] adj. 汽车的;自动的 n. 汽车;汽车工业

例句:He said the high-tech, automotive and steel industries would be hit first. 他说高科技、汽车和钢铁行业会最先受到冲击。

consultancy [kən'sʌlt(ə)nsɪ] n. 咨询公司;顾问

例句:"Chinese carmakers are trying to move up the value chain and the brand-positioning chain, " says Michael Dunne, of JD Power, a consultancy. “中国的汽车制造商们正努力向价值链和品牌定位链的上游进军,”咨询机构JDPower的迈克尔•邓恩表示。

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Foxconn’s pivot also takes advantage of the Made in China 2025 policy, under which tens of billions of dollars in subsidies are being earmarked for smart manufacturing sectors, such as industrial robots. 

富士康还利用《中国制造2025》(Made in China 2025)政策作为转型支点——按照该政策,数百亿美元补贴被指定投入工业机器人等智能制造行业。

⑩ pivot ['pɪvət]  n. 支点;枢轴;中心 v.(使)在枢轴上转动

例句:But you know the object is just a pivot. It's a pivot between a process and a system. 但你知道目标只是个中枢,是“过程”与“系统”之间的中枢。

 earmark ['ɪə(r).mɑː(r)k] n. 标记;特征 vt. 指定…的用途;预先安排;标记

例句:TPG has raised more money specifically earmarked for investment in Asia than any other international firm. 与其他国际公司相比,TPG筹集了更多专门用于在亚洲投资的资金。


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